Tolios Hydrotechnics

Our activity was initiated by Evangelos Tolios in 1975 for services in the hydraulic main preoccupation with the installation and technical support for heating systems and water supply.

Since 2000 the firm took Michael and Nicholas Tolios adding additional services such as commercial activity with modern equipment (the-art technology) and additional expert staff to create TOLIOS Hydrotechnics which holds all necessary licenses for the services it provides .


Our goal is to constantly be informed on developments through contacts and technical seminars.

The name of TOLIOS Hydrotechnics thus becomes an early synonym for reliability and quality of services working with big in industry companies and keeping centered on service and customer satisfaction, creating thus abundant and stable clientele.

The TOLIOS Hydrotechnics has knowledge and experience to seek new and innovative products and offers it's products at always competitive prices and provide specialized service solutions to satisfy the wishes and needs of the customers.

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